6 Steps To Opening a New Sales Territory [Podcast #015]

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One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “How do I successfully open a new sales territory?”

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The answer to that question is also a blog post I wrote over a year ago (here) and it’s still one of the most viewed posts on our website.

Because of that and the fact the brand new selling season has officially begun, I decided to continue to drill down and expand further on this topic with a podcast.

In our latest episode of Seed Seller Training Radio I will walk you through the 6 Most Important Steps to Opening Up a Brand New Sales Territory!

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Listener Questions:

  1. Les from Ohio asked, “Rod, you talk about selling minimum order sizes to first time buyers but I always take a customer whenever I can get one, regardless of how much he buys.  Please tell me again why you believe having a minimum order size is important.  I thinking a minimum order size policy is not only hard to execute, but may upset some prospects.

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