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Ask Yourself…

Are You Facing Obstacles like…



Overcoming prospecting phobia & even getting farmers to grant you an appointment to return?



Constant price objections from farmers & competitors undercutting with price discounts?



Trouble getting back on the farm when your products or services let you down?



Becoming frustrated & starting to lack the confidence to sell in this difficult farm economy?

Discover A New & More Rewarding Way to Sell to Farmers

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How to Sell the Most Difficult Product in the World: Seed - Free Webclass
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How to Sell the Most Difficult Product in the World: SEED

FREE 4-Part Webclass
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Farmer says he can save $80,000 from buying seed from my competitor!

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Online Training

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Private Training

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"Rod challenged my thinking and put me out of my comfort zone. He provided me with teachings to be more successful in today’s marketplace."

Pedro Carlucci

"I attended Rod's training with no direction on how to sell. When I left the workshop, it lit a fire for my business and my life. I couldn’t be stopped. Over the next two years I increased my territory sales by 60%."

Ross J

"We utilize CAMP for our entire sales team, new and old. It's a great investment that brings solid returns."

Jeff Wensman
FREE Sales Coaching

FREE Sales Coaching

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What’s at Stake?

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Are your company’s sales stagnate or even going backwards?

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Can prospects understand why they need your product or service over the competition?

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Do your sales reps have anything to sell other than a cheap price or special program?

A lack of a sales strategy may already be costing you and your company a great deal.

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It’s time for you to keep competitors from taking away your business and overcome Mother Nature’s impact on your product’s performance.